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For me, I take this as a self help game, Joshua is not necessarily ready for the pressures of a relationship, but does not know how to just have fun and relax. I believe he has been hurt, to the point of being the sad loner nobody wants to be. The shut-in depicted comedically in movies, however is a legitimate issue through all generational demographics. The issue facing Joshua is he simply does not have the self esteem or the confidence in himself to try. He has grown into a bit of a self-pity-party, however remains sympathetic. Although this is a pixelated game, I really enjoyed the three dimensional character you have built in the mind of this man. Perhaps you need to be a bit of a sad loner to understand him and what he is going through, but that's life. I enjoyed the music especially with the different artistic ques during the game, how things around the table began to deteriorate into the cesspool of the lonely man's apartment. The stacks of pizza boxes were a really nice touch. Ultimately, this is a really cool self-help game showing the mental processes, feelings, and thoughts going through someone feeling depressed. And for that, you've earned a spot on my special dark games playlist with this charming introspective scenario. Wonderful work to the developers and composers, truly admirable!

Thank you for playing, Hayden, we really enjoyed watching your video!

Viewing most recent comments 62 to 62 of 62 · Previous page · First page